Aerial View – SerengetiAerial Africa

Aerial View – Serengeti

On the southern border of Kenya and the Masai Mara lies a small private game reserve known as the Grumeti Reserves. Being a ultra-luxury chain of lodges in the bush the Singita group is an epitome of class and finesse. I have been fortunate to have been invited to spend a couple of weeks in this private game reserve in the past where I have made some images I can’t imagine in areas with too many tourists like the Mara.

Being extremely remote from and hard to access the easiest way to reach here is by charter flights. During June, the landscape is dry and the wildebeest and zebra are heading towards north and some have already entered Kenya/Masai mara.

I was fortunate to be here in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and this is one such picture I shot even before we landed in the Grumeti Reserves. On this occasion, we had to circle for a couple of minutes over the air-strip near the Sasakwa Lodge.

Was it a busy air-strip with too many flights taking off and landing? Well thankfully No. It was the wildebeest and zebra that were on the strip which delayed our arrival. Very soon they stood 200 meters away perhaps due to the noise and we landed. This is one such place where you click even before you land.

How cool is that?

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